Anna Svedberg new R&D Manager at MoRe Research


The research part has rapidly turned into an increasingly important part of MoRe Research. Several MoRe pilot equipment are well suited for research projects such as nanocellulose and fibre modification technologies. In order to support and gradually increase current research, Anna Svedberg, former Marketing and Development Manager, has been appointed R&D Manager responsible for research at MoRe.

“During the last few years research has become an increasingly important part of what we do at MoRe, with projects primarily concerning nanocellulose,“ says Stefan Svensson, MD MoRe Research. “A vital prerequisite for this development is that MoRe has several pilot equipment where it is possible to produce applications with different types of nanocellulose as an important ingredient. MoRe is also one of four owners of the crystalline nanocellulose pilot which will start at the end of 2017 here in Örnsköldsvik.”

“High quality research projects is gradually turning to a significant part of what we do and this is why Anna Svedberg has been appointed R&D Manager. She is the perfect choice with her Ph.D. and her great interest in research.”

“Earlier I worked as researcher and this kind of issues are very important for me,” says Anna Svedberg, R&D Manager at MoRe. “Until a few years ago research was just a limited part of the activities at MoRe. This changed with the strategic decision to gradually increase the number of research projects and to do them in cooperation with universities, research institutes and companies.”

“In less than two years four new researchers have been hired, making us a total of five. At the same time several other employees have changed their focus to work more with research. Today we are involved in ca. ten research projects which will take several years to finalise, and our ambition is to take part in even more of those.”