Raghu Deshpande was promoted at Karlstad University


At the academic celebration at Karlstad University October 20, 2017 were 26 new doctors promoted. One of them was PhD Raghu Deshpande, from the Faculty of health, science and technology, who received a well-deserved laurel for his doctoral dissertation "The initial phase of sodium sulfite pulping of softwood- A comparison of different pulping options".

He disserted in chemical engineering with his doctoral in December 2016. It was collaboration between MoRe Research, Domsjö Fabriker and Karlstad University graduate VIPP.

-The dissertation last year went well and therefore it felt good to visualize this through this ceremony, Raghu Deshpande says. Strong contributory reasons for the successful outcome were that I could use MoRe's pilot digesters and analysis possibilities in my efforts as well as the industrial support from Domsjö Fabriker.