Research projects from MoRe presented at ”The 16th Pulp and Paper Fundamental Research Symposium” in Oxford


The nanocellulose research projects run by MoRe in cooperation with Swedish Wallenberg Wood Science Centre and The Royal Institute of Technology is of great interest nationally and internationally. MoRe postdoc researchers Daniele Oliveira de Castro and Zoheb Karim recently presented posters of their research projects at The Pulp and Paper Fundamental Research Society’s ”The 16th Pulp and Paper Fundamental Research Symposium” in Oxford.

“Apart from working on our respective research projects, an important part of our work is to participate at relevant conferences in different parts of the world,” says Zoheb Karim. “It gives us possibilities to present our research projects in the form of speeches or on posters as well as to get information about other researcher’s results and to make important contacts. This was my fourth conference since I started my postdoc in June last year.”

“At the Oxford conference I presented my poster ”Upscaling of nanocellulose reinforced paper using experimental paper machine (XPM)”. It attracted great interest and many participants wanted to discuss how we run our trials and tests and the results we have achieved so far.”

“At this week long conference at the beginning of September we listened to a wide range of interesting presentations,” Daniele Oliveira de Castro continues. “It was a very useful conference and it is quite clear that nanocellulose is a very hot topic. Not least, quite a few industry representatives wanted to discuss my research project which my poster ”Scale up: Towards Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC)/Clay based films using a pilot web former” presented.”