New Senior Process Consultant at MoRe


As from January 1st Dr. Hans Grundberg is employed as Senior Process Consultant at MoRe Research’s Process Technology department, predominately working on biorefinery projects. Hans previously worked at Domsjö Fabriker’s innovation department DomInnova.

Hans Grundberg has a background with a lot of research as well as production experience. Between 1992 and 1997 he studied chemistry technique in Lund Institute of Technology in Sweden and in 2002 he took his doctor’s degree in organic chemistry. The subject of his thesis was recognition of carbohydrates in the body with the aid of water-soluble receptors.

“My first job was a temporary post at AkzoNobel in Örnsköldsvik and 2006 I started as Development Engineer at Processum,” says Hans Grundberg. “These were interesting times as the foundation for Processum’s activities were laid when we received the Vinnväxt award with the growth initiative Biorefinery of the Future in 2008. In 2010 I also worked as acting MD at Processum for three months.”

“During 2010 I gradually started working for DomInnova as Development Engineer. Many of our projects have focused on the possibility to utilise different residual streams and development of processes for this. Being organic chemist I have also worked on several cellulose projects.”

“I am an ideas man, wanting to come up with new possibilities for wood raw material and residual streams. This is why it will be so interesting to work at MoRe with their focus on research. MoRe is an exciting company with great competences and their way of working closely with the mills, which I like” says Hans.

“We are very pleased that Hans has joined us with his wide chemistry knowledge and experience from the process industry,” says Lars Sundvall, Process Technology Manager. “His research background is extremely suitable for MoRe’s research as well as his contacts within industry and research institutes. I am convinced that he will be very useful for customers as well as our research partners.”

Contact Dr. Hans Grundberg: +46 70 527 41 05 E-mail