Research at MoRe published in Composites Science and Technology


Daniele Oliviera de Castro and Zoheb Karim, two of MoRe’s postdocs, have had an article on their research work on development of fire retardant composite materials published in No 162 of the science magazine Composites Science and Technology. The title is ”The use of a pilot-scale continuous paper process for fire retardant cellulosekaolinite nanocomposites”.

Co-authors of the article are Anna Svedberg and Jan-Ove Häggström from MoRe and L. Medina, F. Carosioc, Lars Wågberg, Daniel Söderberg and Lars Berglund. L. Medina, Lars Wågberg and Daniel Söderberg work at Department of Fiber and Polymer Technology, Wallenberg Wood Science Center at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, while F. Carosioc works at Politecnico di Torino in Italy.

“It is very inspiring that results from the research done at MoRe, in which our experimental paper machine plays an important part, is published in the magazine Composites Science and Technology,” says Anna Svedberg, R&D Manager at MoRe Research. “It is also important to stress that the research work in this case is done in close cooperation with researchers at Wallenberg Wood Science Center at KTH and at Politecnico di Torino. The only way to be successful is to combine competence and pilot equipment from many partners.”

Link to the article