Soft Wood - Comparative testing for PFI mill!


Now its time for the comparative quality control for the PFI refiner! In cooperation with PFI Instruments we runs this round robin to offer a help for you so you will know how well the own refiner is calibrated. The results can also be used as a complement to traceable calibration when your laboratory applies for accrediting or certification.

The parameters planned to be part of the sample comparison are:

• Refining 5 points (ISO 5264-2)
• SR  (ISO 5267-1)
• CSF (ISO 5267-2)
• WRV (ISO 23714)
• Density (ISO 534)
• Tensile index (ISO 1924-3)
• Strain at break (ISO 1924-3)
• TEA (ISO 1924-3)
• Burst strength (ISO 2758)
• Light scattering coefficient (ISO 9416)
• Air permeance Bendtsen (ISO 5636-3)
• Tear strength (ISO 1974)

It is now possible to enter your laboratory for the quality control. Link to application form Soft Wood or send a mail to Pia Renström: E-mail

You can also send contact information, delivery address and VAT number to Pia Renström.