Degree project - developing method of particle size distribution


We, together with Holmen Group Iggesunds bruk, are looking for an engineering student for degree projects where the task is to develop a method for particle size distribution, beginning in autumn 2019. Here there are great opportunities to create networks for future work.

The Holmen concern owns large tracts of forest in Sweden. Iggesunds Bruk is a mill in the Holmen concern that manufacturers high quality solid bleached board for demanding end users. The Invercote brand is made from virgin fibres grown in managed forests and meets the world’s highest standards for sustainability. The strong focus on sustainability at the mill is part of the ethos of the Holmen group and is shared by every entity in the concern.

Most Invercote products are coated, often with multiple layers of coating, to meet customer’s demands for high quality printing performance. The coatings are often complex formulations but most are based on calcium carbonates and kaolin clays with latex binders. The coatings are applied using blade coaters and to this end there are eight coating stations at the mill spread over two board machines.

In some recent work the mill obtained interesting results when the changes occurring in the wet coatings were monitored using a novel sedigraph method. Expanding on these early results would make an interesting student project. The work will demand some ability to understand and operate modern analytical apparatus, the capability to work independently in an organised fashion and the skills to analyse quite complex data and then communicate the results in a clear manner.

MoRe Research is a neutral service company with focus on forest products. We have a wide range of instruments, pilot equipments and researcher. Our key areas are wood raw-material and pulp development for both biorefinery development, nanocellulose and cellulose derivatives of various kinds and more traditional applications like paper, packaging materials and hygiene paper.

The instrument is located at MoRe Research in Örnsköldsvik.

You will be located in both Örnsköldsvik and Iggesund.

Start: Autumn 2019

For more information contact:

Iggesunds bruk: Johan Lindgren, +4670-2801980, E-mail

MoRe Research: Robert Selling, +4670-5227399, E-mail