Yet another experienced researcher to MoRe


Oskar Westin is employed as researcher in MoRe’s research group and is also holding a postdoc position at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The task is to investigate new applications for nanocellulose in e.g. flame resistant material and the project is run in cooperation with KTH and WWSC, Wallenberg Wood Science Centre.

Oskar has a solid background with a five year M.Sc. involving studies at four universities. Luleå Technical University in Sweden participates in a European Master’s programme in Materials Science and Engineering together with other European universities under the name EEIGM, “Ecole Européenne d’Ingénieurs en Génie des Matériaux” which is based in Nancy, France. For Oskar this meant two years in Luleå followed by one and a half year in Nancy and one year at UPC in Barcelona.

”Having studied abroad for two and a half years I wanted to go back to Sweden and therefore I did my thesis about optimising laser pattering of thin film cells for solar panels at Uppsala University,” says Oskar. “After my M.Sc. exam I continued to work within this area, first as a PhD student and after a couple of years as an industrial PhD at a spin off company, Solibro Research, in Uppsala. After my dissertation 2011 I was employed as development engineer at this company.”

”After our marriage and the first child the family moved to Örnsköldsvik in 2012 where I got an employment as researcher at ITH, The Institute of Applied Hydraulics. I worked with a number of interesting tasks, e.g. research projects, education and development of education material within hydraulic construction and safety. As project manager I was a bit like the spider in the web.”

“However, after some years I felt that I wanted to do more research and during a paternity leave I investigated which companies could offer interesting research opportunities. Very soon I got in contact with MoRe and after a meeting with Anna Svedberg I felt that they offered many interesting possibilities. My nature is such that I want to learn new things and I really look forward to working in an environment where you are surrounded by experts with a lot of knowledge to share and also a rewarding cooperation.”

“We are very happy having Oskar Westin on board,” says Anna Svedberg, R&D Manager at MoRe Research. “This post doc position is a good example of how MoRe can conduct advanced research together with other parties. The project is a cooperation between KTH, WWSC and MoRe. Professor Lars Berglund, Professor Lars Wågberg and Associate Professor Daniel Söderberg are supervising the project. The project was made possible thanks to financial support from the Kempe Foundations.”

“I really look forward to getting back to research, in particular as nanocellulose is a dynamic and important area for the future which opens opportunities to renewable material as well as a wide range of other applications,” Oskar continues. “In this project new applications with nanocellulose, in particular flame resistant material produced on a paper machine, will be investigated. MoRe has a unique position with its experimental paper machine where we can scale up successful laboratory results to pilot scale. Not least the retention of the extremely small nano particles is an exciting challenge.”

”I have a big interest in food and drink and I spend a certain amount of time with that. Our family, my wife and our three children, enjoy outdoor living. As I worked one year before my university studies in a Norwegian fishing village outside Bergen doing the final check of the machine ginned salmon filets, I am actually quite good at preparing fish for meals”, Oskar finishes.