Jessica Gard Timmerfors research article on chipper in the TAPPI Journal


Jessica Gard Timmerfors has received her article on her research on MCS wood chipping published on the TAPPI Journal, October 2019. Her research is about finding new drum type chipping techniques. Jessica is an industrial PhD student at Umeå University, with Professor Leif Jönsson as supervisor. Much of the practical work has been conducted in Örnsköldsvik, at MoRe Research with Torbjörn Sjölund as supervisor. From MCS, Sten Häggström's knowledge, commitment and experience has been an invaluable and necessary asset in the project.

MCS, Multi-Channel Sweden AB, has developed a new type of wood chipper in which the knives are placed on a drum instead of on a disc. In order to evaluate the benefits regarding a narrower chip size variation as well as a lower energy consumption, a PhD project has started. The work is done both at MoRe Research and at the first industrial installation in a kraft mill.

Both articles published so far are available as Open Access.