The Mid Sweden University FORIC General Assembly 2019 met in Örnsköldsvik


On 27-28 March, the Mid Sweden University's FORIC General Assembly 2019 gathered in Örnsköldsvik's research-center hub in the Domsjö area. The future scientist from the FORIC research school (Forest as a Resource Industrial Research College) met together with their supervisor to discuss and inspire the future work during these days.

The first day began with a tour of MoRe Research and RISE Processum. The participants then listened to inspirational lectures given by Kristina Elg-Christoffersson, R&D Manager Domsjö Fabriker, Charis Xiros, RISE Processum and Stefan Svensson, CEO MoRe Research.

The second day was enriched by group discussions, doctoral meetings and supervisor meetings.