Online workshop on Zoom, 90 minutes | Wednesday 20 October 2021, 10:00-11:30 CET


Open Innovation Test Beds (OITBs) are key elements in accelerating the green and digital transition, increasing European competitive and technological leadership, supporting the move to climate-neutrality and circularity, and accelerating industrial innovation.  

These Test Beds aim to bring nanotechnologies and advanced materials within market reach by providing access to demonstration and upscaling facilities, as well as services to advance technologies from laboratory validation to prototypes in industrial environments.  

This online workshop will bring together OITBs, SMEs, industry associations, clusters, universities, and research centres. Our goal is to build awareness on the OITB services for customers and SMEs which will bring their own ideas and materials to be scaled up by the Test Beds.  

Open Innovation Test Beds are gathering all the relevant players while providing all relevant services needed for innovation based on new materials, therefore reducing technological risks and accelerating market access. 

Join us to discover practical solutions and opportunities provided by four OITBs, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme, for key sectors such as packaging, automotive, energy, construction, and consumer goods.

Arrangörer: VTT, BIOMAC, BIOMAT, Projekt Bionanopolys, Greenovate! Europa, Geonardo Environmental Technologies Ltd.,
ESCI - Europeiska vetenskapskommunikationsinstitutet.