Article: A method for chemical and physical modification of oriented pulp fiber sheets


Two researchers at MoRe Research, Diana Reyes Forsberg and Oskar Westin, recently published an article, together with KTH, with the title "A method for chemical and physical modification of oriented pulp fibre sheets".

Today, composite materials are often made of plastic and reinforced with carbon or glass fiber. To get a more sustainable product, renewable raw materials can be used to create so-called biocomposites. Wood pulp fibers have good mechanical properties, which is advantageous when reinforcing biocomposites. Chemical modification of wood fibers can improve compatibility with the polymeric matrix to be reinforced.

In the study, oriented sheets with dense fiber structure were produced, which is also good for these applications. A method was presented in which fiber modification was carried out after sheet forming, which led to significantly better mechanical strength and also an increased stretchability of the reinforcement. This is explained by avoiding the problem of forming dense sheets with good fiber bonds from a modified pulp.

Schematic picture