Innovative inspiration for increased competence supply


On September 8, Höga kusten's theoretical high school, Troëdssonsfonden, Örnsköldsvik municipality, MoRe research and Processum tried a new way to inspire high school youth for the local labor market and at the same time solve the future lack of skills that is already felt among the companies in the forest industry and green transition.

A half-day event with the theme "what do we want to do with our forest" with lectures and panel discussion where students and the public could be active via Mentimeter.

Örnsköldsvik is not a city with a university, at the same time that many of the companies in the municipality need university or university-educated people. It therefore needs to be attractive so that young people want to move back after their university or higher education studies and be an attractive place for both international and national labor.

Green transition and sustainability are not only something that several of Örnsköldsvik's companies work on, but also part of the courses chemistry 1, chemistry 2, biology 1, biology 2 and natural science. The goal of the half-day event was to be at the level of high school students, but still inspire them as they read the course to prohibit themselves in areas such as replacing the fossil raw material, degradability and mycoplasts, as well as questions about the use of the forest or the impact on the ecosystem of using it.

Researcher and initiator Jessica Gard Timmerfors, employed at MoRe Research as part of RISE, will talk about collaboration, the ideas behind the event and how the implementation went. And why she thinks it is important to inspire at high school level.

Attendees on the day were students in grades 1-3 on the natural science program as well as grade 3 on natural science and social science at Höga kusten's theoretical high school. The public was also invited via youtube which has over 200 views before it was taken down for editing.

Participating on the day to inspire were teachers from Höga kusten's theoretical high school, researchers from Processum, MoRe Research and Sekab, teachers in nature guiding from Örnsköldsvik Folk High School and municipal ecologists from Örnsköldsvik municipality.

The day would not have happened if the foundation Nils and Dorthi Troëdsson's research fund had not also seen the importance of the day and financed the venture.

Register here or listen on location in Örnsköldsvik