MoRe lectures at the Cellulose Workshop 2022


Now it's time for the 10th workshop on cellulose, regenerated cellulose and cellulose derivatives in Örnsköldsvik, November 15-16. MoRe is involved in the conference with, among other things, a seminar but also a walking tour.

PhD Oskar Westin and PhD Diana Reyes Forsberg lectures at Cellulose Workshop 2022 with the title "Tailored biocomposite properties by wood fiber engineering", during the session Cellulose structures and composites II with moderator Tomas Larsson (RISE).

PhD Sara Wallstén lectures with title Water "Repellant Cellulose-based Low-density foams; Preparation, Characterization and Sustainability."

You can also choose between study visits at Domsjö Fabriker, RISE Processum/MoRe Research and Nouryon.

Warm welcome!