30/10/2023 Call for paper and registration open: 11th Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference
18/10/2023 Thermal insulation processing for new and old buildings
18/10/2023 Processing of organosolve fractions for functionalization
17/10/2023 Atanu Kumar Das researches in non-wood and wood pulp and bio-based foam products
05/10/2023 New postdoc in green insulating materials
27/09/2023 Manufacturing processes for strong hydrophobic biomaterials using hot pressing technology
23/08/2023 IFPC 2023 The International Fibre Moulding and Paper Forming Conference
22/06/2023 Contact persons during summer 2023
21/06/2023 MoRe attended the Ecohelix inauguration
21/06/2023 Researchers present at ISWFPC 2023
01/06/2023 New spray facility with us
31/05/2023 Change in MoRe Research management
31/05/2023 The race at High Coast Innovation Park - Go for the top!
31/05/2023 Report - aquatic eDNA as a tool in Swedish environmental monitoring
30/05/2023 Researcher Claudia Esteves awarded - Heinzel-Mondi-Sappi Award 2023
28/04/2023 Air filter from recycled bio-based materials - BioReFil
13/04/2023 Participate in the second INN-PRESSME webinar on the Open Calls!
13/04/2023 Premiere of: High Coast Innovation Park race: Go for the top!
04/04/2023 We are looking for engineers for Process and Materials Technology
27/03/2023 Lefayet Sultan Lipol - new licentiate at MoRe
27/03/2023 Denada Limani new engineer at MoRe
27/03/2023 New research engineer with interest in bioeconomy
15/03/2023 MoRe has possibilities to evaluate non-wood fibres
01/03/2023 MoRe contributes material to an exhibition at Västerbotten's museum
27/02/2023 Biofuel – a highly current product that MoRe can characterize and analyze
27/02/2023 Extractives – an important area in the pulp industry
27/02/2023 Innovation services within prototype and process
27/02/2023 MoRe can identify fiber type for EUTR