Processing of organosolve fractions for functionalization


The project will develop green processes for bioactive fiber functionalization that contain forest-based resources, which will then be used for high-performance materials. In the future, these materials need to be biodegradable in order to live up to future environmental requirements and Swedish bio-based economy and society.

A semi-continuous organosolv reactor at Luleå University of Technology will be used in the project. Furthermore, the three main components lignocellulose, cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin are fractionated and isolated.

Further steps focus on the use of a chemoenzymatic approach to functionalize the cellulose and hemicellulose fractions, this to obtain specific properties, such as water stability.

The functionalized fibers will be used to produce foamed materials using various process concepts in lab and pilot scale developed at MoRe Research, subsidiary of RISE. The foamed material is analyzed and evaluated for performance, with particular focus on wet stability.

Abirami Senthil is PhD student in this project. It is included in the investment Resurssmarta Processer, BioInnovation.