Denada Limani new engineer at MoRe


Denada Limani is a new engineer at MoRe Research who likes innovative environments. She will work in pulp bleaching and has experience in hydraulics. This is how Denada writes about herself:

"My name is Denada Limani, with a university education in agricultural and environmental engineering and with professional experience in service, I am a driven and systematic employee who is good at meeting different kinds of people and working effectively towards set goals.

The university I attended is an attractive university in Tirana, Albania, for students with an international horizon. It offers a number of opportunities in terms of internationalization and international cooperation. It is not the only educational center but is the realization of innovative teaching and research activities as well.

During the seven years that I have lived in Sweden, I have contributed with my knowledge and at the same time have developed myself more in environmental and analytical issues. At Landskrona Municipality, I worked in the environmental and health protection area, protecting and preserving our environment. In other words, to check whether environmental laws and regulations are followed properly.

Recently I was at the Institute for Applied Hydraulics (ITH), I worked as a laboratory technician completely independently and sometimes with another laboratory technician. In the role of laboratory assistant, the main tasks would include performing analyzes of oils using a number of different instruments.

I will be engaged in research at More Research, based in the bleaching laboratory. I appreciate the diversity and feel that it is the right place for me, as it is an innovative environment with extensive competence in development and the challenges of the future - something I am very passionate about."