Extractives – an important area in the pulp industry


RISE has started a project on extractives to strengthen the offer to the pulp industry. We are currently mapping competences, analysis possibilities, knowledge gaps, interesting research topics and important partners.

Extractive substances are found in wood and have the function of protecting trees against insects, bacteria and fungi. They consist of resin acids, fatty acids, sterols, etc., which unfortunately cause problems in pulp and paper production in the form of coatings and breakdowns, as well as stains, yellowing and odor and taste problems in the products.

Extractive substances that are currently separated at the mills are used for the production of pine oil - a renewable green product that, after processing, is used for the production of glues, green diesel, adhesives, biological lubricating oils, etc.

However, research on extractives from wood has identified several thousand different substances with the potential to be used in the development of bio-based chemicals and new high-value products (eg, cosmetics and medicines).

By being able to offer good expertise in extractives, we can help industry both reduce process-related problems and develop new, advanced products.

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