MoRe has possibilities to evaluate non-wood fibres


With its unique pilot digester, MoRe has possibilities to evaluate fibre raw materials such as straw, bamboo and elephant grass for pulp, paper and board as well as for other products.

In the digester we can do trials simulating both continuous and batch cooking. Since the species have different compositions and thus different characteristics we adapt both the cooking and the bleaching sequences to the respective raw material.

Certain types of non-wood fibre effects dewatering a lot while others have a good runnability on a paper machine. By tests in our pilots it is possible to optimize the amount of non-wood fibre in the mix, focusing on quality and cost in order to use the right raw material for the end product.

We have pilot equipment all the way from cooking to finished products. This means that we can do complete evaluations of different fibre raw materials' suitability and also suggest the necessary process conditions for different end products. Important prerequisites for these evaluations are MoRe's competent analysis personnel as well as advanced instruments and methods.

  • Roberth Byström

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