Pilot machine for production related retention and formation studies

As one part of Anna Svedberg's doctorate on retention and formation connections, MoRe's R/F machine (Retention/Formation) has been developed further. In this machine different factor's influence on retention and formation can be studied in speeds as high as 250-300 m/min.

Chemical pulps for trials are stored in an 18 m3 tank. The pulp is then diluted to the desired concentration before the headbox. The wire section dewatering elements consist of foils and vacuum boxes. Paper samples are gathered after each change and those are pressed and dried in a separate drum dryer.

The R/F machine is very useful for tests of how retention and formation are influenced when chemicals such as retention agents as well as different fillers, fibre mixtures etc are added. Results which can be reproduced in full scale are achieved on a level between laboratory and full scale trial. The RF machine is unique and can be used for trials by chemicals suppliers as well as papermakers.

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