From log to screened wood chips

Film - From log to screened wood chips

Now the film "From log to wood chips" is available, where our chipping and screening pilots can be viewed. If an evaluation of a certain wood species is to be made, as regards cooking, bleaching, beating and other process as well as product characteristics, it is important to start from the log and not from the wood chips. The reason is that wood chips samples may not all be from the same wood species.

MoRe is able to debark, chip and screen wood chips so that there are no doubts regarding the origin of the raw material. The chipper produces mill wood chips with the same kind of micro cracks as those who appear during industrial chipping.

The wood chips are sorted in order to have a homogenous wood chip raw material, i.e. without minor and major chips, before further processing in our pilot digester and possible other process steps.

More information can be obtained from Roberth Byström, +4670-200 06 79 E-mail