Viscose Fibre Line

Viscose Fibre Line

MoRe Research has pilot equipment and analysis possibilities under one roof for the whole process chain, from wood raw material to spun viscose fibre. This complete chain can now be seen in the film Viscose Fibre Line at MoRe Research, with a pedagogic description in English of all the different process steps.

For a while we have had a film showing the MoRe spinning pilot and how it works. Due to the great interest in this film we have now produced another one, showing the whole process from raw material to viscose fibres.

”As far as we know, the possibility to go from wood raw material to finished viscose fibre in a set of pilot equipment with the adequate size in one location does not exist anywhere else in Europe,” says Stefan Svensson. ”We have access to the whole chain of pilot equipment, which means that it is possible to do cost efficient and technically relevant trials from different raw materials to viscose filament.”

”The demand for dissolving cellulose is increasing and the amount of viscose textiles will grow due to higher oil prices, limited possibilities to grow more cotton and a larger population in the world. We receive an ever increasing number of orders from customers in this market, and we have also recently acquired a new particle size meter for viscose solution, completing our series of analysis equipment.”

”It’s been both interesting and fun to do the film The Viscose Fibre Line at MoRe Research,” says Jan-Erik Hägglund, MoRe. ”By doing this seven minute film, the viewers can now see the whole chain in its context instead of a number of shorter films of the different process steps.”

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