MoRe accredited for environmental related water analyzes

A number of environmental analyzes of different water samples require that they be performed by an accredited laboratory. MoRe has made a strategic effort in this area and is now accredited by Swedac according to the Swedish Standard SS-ISO/IEC 17025. The investment includes employment of three new employees who are analyst specialists in environmental analyzes of water and sewage.

Accreditation is a competence test that takes place according to European and international standards. This means that Swedac continually tests that the company is competent to carry out the tests and analyzes for which it has been accredited. It also means that the accreditation authority requires the laboratory to be impartial and independent.

For MoRe, accreditation means, of course, a quality stamp and can broaden the market to accredited environmental related water analyzes. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency also requires that environmental monitoring data for water be obtained at an accredited laboratory to ensure the quality of analyzes and results, as MoRe can. Our ambition is to accredit us for more analyzes where there is a need. We welcome customers to hear about the analyzes they wish to have accredited, in addition to the ones we can offer today.

In addition to being able to offer our customers in the forest industry these analyzes, it also opens up the opportunity to offer accredited environmental analysts to clients in public activities at municipal and county level. More specifically, the accreditation applies to analyzes of wastewater, recipient water, liquefied water, process water and drinking water, and on our website there is a complete list of all the analyzes covered by the accreditation.

MoRe Research has been assigned accreditation number 10217.

List of analyzes

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