Staffan - chemical recovery and environmental investigations specialist

Staffan - chemical recovery and environmental investigations specialist

After doing his master thesis for Husum, Staffan Magnusson graduated from KTH Royal Institue of Technology with a specialisation into paper and pulp 1992. The next year he started working at MoDo R&D in Örnsköldsvik where he has dealt a lot with development issues and investigations of chemical recovery and environmental issues. He is also the only one at MoRe Research who has played football against the famous football player Tomas Brolin!

Staffan was born and raised in Söderhamn and the interest in chemistry was inherited from his father, a chemistry teacher. ”I was allowed to accompany my father to school now and then and saw all the skull labelled bottles in the cabinets”. The choice of studying chemistry at KTH Royal Institute of Technology was simple. The specialisation into paper and pulp was greatly influenced by working at Vallvik during the summer.

“I did my master thesis for Husum. The subject was improving tall oil production, which was done in a batch process. After graduation I continued with economics studies and in 1993 I started at MoDo R&D in Jan Lidén’s recovery group. This was an interesting and fun period when we e.g worked on closed loop bleaching of the Husum birch line.”

“A year later I started working as research engineer at MoDo R&D and I’m still here. For many years I worked a lot with different environmental and problem solving issues on recovery. Chemical recovery is partly process issues and optimisation of a rather complicated process, partly environmental issues. I also lecture at courses on the chemical recovery process.”

“At MoRe we have a great combination of analysis possibilities, process knowledge and understanding of how a pulp mill works. This is why I work on process improvement projects as well as environmental investigations. Process and environment are closely linked and in every project there is a demand for good analysis resources. Lately I’ve been involved in dilute non-condensable gas projects, an environmental area which is getting more and more interesting for the forest industry.”

“I played football until my military service and when I was sixteen my team played a match against Tomas Brolin’s team. Nowadays I do a lot of cross-country running and orienteering in the summer and skiing in the winter,” says Staffan Magnusson.

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