Paper products

Paper products

We have serveral paper pilots in differents sizes and advantages. These complement each other and can be used for different types of paper production.

Paper products we can produce and make testings:

Printing paper

Paper board


Hand sheets.

See film about tissue making

Contact Trouble Shooting according dots, fibres studies in product, etc.

We analyse:

Total chlorine, total sulphur, organic chlorine and washable chloride and sulphate in paper and pulp samples.

Al, Ba, Co, Cr, P, Si, Zn etc

MoRe accredited for environmental related water analyzes: wastewater, recipient water, liquefied water, process water and drinking water,

  • Physical testings

    Evaluate your paper products at MoRe!

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  • Equipments

    We have many equipments suitable for paper products!

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  • Wet End Chemistry

    We can help you with retention issues! And much more...

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