Supported by flexible paper pilot programmes, MoRe Research works on issues where pulp and paper properties are integrated, e.g., stock preparation and fibre mixtures, as well as with product development.

Experimental paper machine (XPM) for paper och paperboard

Experimental paper machine (XPM) for tissue.

Dynamique sheet former (Formette). Read more about our great toolbox.

Finnish sheet former - chemical pulp, beating studies, all kinds om pulps mixtures.

Rapid Köthen sheet former - mechanical pulp, chemical studies, retention studies. The possibllity for making different kinds of settings makes it easier to do more advanced trials compare to finnish sheet former.

Conical refiner Escher-Wyss - LC-refiner, more simular to the process and can produce enough pulp for trials on our paper pilots; XPM and Formette.

PFI-mill - standard pulp testing.

Yankee press - temperature-, speed- and time regulation.

Plane press - standard press, often used in hand sheet forming.

Steel belt press - for high strength wood-containing paper

Bench coater - screening at A4, also possible with smaller areas.

Starch digester - steam cooking for meld starch and sizing.

Calander - off-line with pressure- and temperature reglulation. A steel roller and a polymer roller for super calandering.

Please fill in the checklist before paper making project. It will help us to make a good quality work for you and minimizing the risk for missunderstandings.

Contact: Lars Sundvall, 070 526 52 21 E-post