Increase the strength of high yield pulps

Postgraduate research project will increase the strength of high yield pulps

Tove Joelsson (ex-Samuelsson) has been employed as industrial postgraduate student at MoRe in a project cooperation with FSCN at Mid Sweden University. The aim of the research project is to develop very strong packaging material from high yield pulps. These packaging materials will to a large extent replace today’s plastic based articles.

Researchers at FSCN have been able to produce very strong and moisture proof sheets with the aid of a special sheeting technique, provided that a pulp such as CTMP or TMP with a high lignin content was used. The idea is to create prerequisites for the current newsprint and magazine paper mills using TMP to relatively simply be able to modify their paper machines and TMP processes to instead produce packaging material which in many cases are better than current liner based on chemical pulp. The characteristics in question are tensile strength, compressive strength and wet strength in particular.

A new specially designed steel band based sheet press will be produced by IPCO for this project, to be installed at MoRe.

This is a 2-year project with a strong consortium of companies and academy backing it up. Professor Per Engstrand acts as mentor at Mid Sweden University with the aid of Sven Norgren, Gunilla Pettersson and Anna Svedberg. The project is financed by the Kempe Foundation, The Mid Sweden University’s and the Knowledge Foundation’s industrial research school FORIC, IPCO and MoRe Research.

Tove was born in Finland and studied at the Åbo Academy University. “I studied at the Faculty of Science and Engineering with the orientation polymer chemistry. I moved to Sweden in 1996 and started working as trainee at AssiDomän Karlsborg. This was followed by one year with product development of coated sack paper and then for a brief period Dynäs paper mill and finally the Husum paper mill. My responsibilities there were coated fine paper, coating colour in particular plus quite a lot of test printing.”

“After working in the paper business ca 13 years I decided to do something completely different. I wanted to create something with my hands so I studied to become a blacksmith and then started my own business. This was a period of personal development and freedom to do what I wanted with my time. I am still active with courses, some company events and also some of my own work.”

“But this year I felt that I wanted back into the paper business. MoRe was interested as they were searching for a postgraduate student, so here I am. It is so much fun, especially as there is an environmental angle to the project. It is an interesting challenge which will lead to results, and that is something I like a lot,” says Tove Joelsson.

Contact: Tove Joelsson, +4670 306 22 15, E-mail