The Fiber line

The Fiber line

Wood and wood handling

Non-wood fibres

Unique chip impregnation




Mechanical pulp

Fibre dimensions

Membrane filtration

Process liquids

Green liquor sludge

The Process Technology department has extensive experience in working closely with mills. Our unique fibre line evaluation method is quick and cost-effective for optimising, developing and troubleshooting different process stages. We offer support for all parts of the pulp mill, from wood and wood handling to the finished product.

Supported by flexible paper pilot programmes, Process Technology works on issues where pulp and paper properties are integrated, e.g., stock preparation and fibre mixtures, as well as with product development.

The department also works with biorefinery issues. Different pilots, e.g., ultra filtering, reactors and digesters, supported by Analytical Techniques department, are used to support our customers' development projects.

The Process Technology department has expertise in mathematics, physics, electronics and IT and is able to develop new optical and physical measurement methods and build customised instruments. For example, instruments have been developed in-house for studies of micro scale characteristics of paper.



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