Pretreatment reactor

Pretreatment reactor

Processum has installed a pre-treatment reactor next to MoRe’s pilot digester plant. The pre-treatment reactor is used to open up the molecule structure of different kinds of lignocellulose, like wood chips of various tree species, straw and bamboo, as a first step in a process chain. This means that MoRe’s customers have access to yet another biorefinery pilot and hence an opportunity to develop new products and processes.

The pilot consists of a pre-treatment reactor and an expansion tank and is aimed at pre-treatment of biomass. The reactor has a volume of 40 litres and withstands a pressure of more than 30 bar and a temperature of 230 °C. The heat system is based on steam, both direct steam and indirect from the double jacketed reactor itself. It is built to withstand both acid and basic conditions. The pilot is controlled by a modern control system, DeltaV.

Various types of lignocellulose are treated in the reactor with high pressure direct steam. The reactor draining creates a steam explosion which opens up the molecule structure of the fibre material making it possible for enzymes to hydrolyse the cellulose in subsequent process steps.

We are very satisfied that SP Processum has placed yet another pilot equipment at our premises. The access to MoRe’s and to Processum’s pilot equipment means that our customers do not have to invest in and run own biorefinery pilots. In a cost efficient way we can instead help customers to find more opportunities for new products and processes.

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