Foam tester

Why is there so much foam in my process section?

Our Foam Tester is often used in connection with foaming problems and when evaluating different defoamers. We use the customer's filtrates and other process liquids to evaluate different solutions without the need for large and expensive full scale trials.

Process chemistry and raw material vary and a defoamer which works perfectly in one system can be totally useless in another. Each process system therefore has to be optimized according to its own prerequisites and here is where MoRe's "defoaming" package of analyses and recommendations is of great value.

The mills often have their supplier of a specific defoamer and would preferably stick to this supplier as a change requires comprehensive analyses and trials. Some reasons for a change would be the possibility to acquire a more efficient or cheaper product, new foam problems or that the dosage of the product itself is too high, rendering it too expensive.

By analysing the process filtrates in our Foam Tester we could determine the cause. We can also evaluate different defoamers as well as study where the silicone in the defoamers ends up in the process. It must not stick to resin or other pollutants, causing production problems both in the paper mill and at the printer. By applying all the different analyses in our package we were able to come up with answers to all the customer's questions.