Autumn feelings

Autumn feelings

The tan from the summer gradually disappears, the air is cool and clear and each and every one you try to reach is away hunting elk – how many elks are there really? In short, autumn is here, a really nice time of the year.

For MoRe Research the summer and beginning of the autumn have been exciting with a lot of new assignments, both within the traditional value chain as in the biorefinery area. The need to optimize processes and develop new value-creating products is evident.

As we see an increased demand for MoRe Research’s services and also need to make sure that we have the competence when some of our staff eventually retires, we are now looking for new employees. It is inspiring as well as energizing to meet all the nice, creative and competent people who have applied. During the autumn more and more new faces will appear in our organisation.

In this issue of More from MoRe we have articles about a new part in the forester education called ”All the way - practical laboratory work from log to finished paper”, an intensive week when MoRe Research’s pilot machines were used both efficiently and pedagogically. You can also read about one of our faithful employees, our membrane filtering expert Alf Gustafsson. There is also a story about how we work with archivability certifications of paper as well as many other things.

I hope you really enjoy this time of the year, maybe by picking mushrooms in the forests –it’s nice to have a supply during the long winter months. MoRe Research looks upon the future with confidence and is happy to see the assignments coming in. And if our inbox is full we will just get ourselves a bigger one!