Here’s to a bright future!

Here’s to a bright future!

The students who recently left school now take their next step in the choice of education or profession. Hopefully, many of them will be found in our line of business in a few years, and with hunger, enthusiasm and new ways of thinking contribute to development and renewal of the forest industry. The key to success is constant replenishment of skilled operators as well as engineers, laboratory personnel and researchers.

The ingredients experience, theoretic knowledge, youthful enthusiasm and curiosity are necessary for the development recipe. In this newsletter, Sture Noréus, the MoRe architect and the company’s first MD, shares his views on this theme.

You will also get to know Robert Selling, the new manger of the Analytical Techniques Department, as well as Magnus Edblad, who after more than 10 years working elsewhere has returned to the MoRe organisation with quite some experience.

That the forest industry faces a number of challenges was emphasized by many of the visitors at our stand at the SPCI fair in May. The traditional value chain as well as possibilities within the bio refinery area was in focus. Many exciting possibilities to develop the latter will be opened in Örnsköldsvik through Processum’s extensive investments in advanced pilot equipment.

Summer is here and we look forward to an even MoRe exciting second half of 2011!