It evens out!

It evens out!

March is here and with that the satisfaction with incipient snow-free lawns, birds chirping and brighter days. On the minus side this time of year evokes some frustration over the deep water puddles, the unpleasant surprises coming out in the free from the snow melting and lack of icy streets where I can test my new, expensive Icebug shoes. The spring is here!

This week has been very interesting for night owls since the Northern Lights have been observed almost all over Sweden. This phenomenon is the natures’ own firework and it is very fascinating to watch the green flashes on the black sky. It’s almost like the MoRe Research logotype…

In this issue of More from MoRe you will meet Anna Svedberg, who has been appointed Market and Development Manager at MoRe Research. I am convinced that Anna with her personality, skills and enthusiasm, as well as her experience from customer contacts, will contribute to MoRe’s development and to fulfill the requests that come from you as a customer.

You can also read about Johanna Eriksson's thesis, where she worked with the parameters of the spinning process.

Further, you get an insight in MoRes possibilities to perform wood studies with respect to production costs and final product properties as well as a presentation regarding the new steering and control system for the tissue pilot.

We also take the opportunity to present nine biorefinery pilots that SP Processum has placed in our laboratories. The pilots are available for fundamental research as well as mill oriented development projects.

As I write this, our part of Sweden is exposed to a partial eclipse and the moon is doing its best to screen off the sunlight. In this business we experience eclipses now and then but we all know that according to the physical laws the light will appear again.

Ups and downs, bright nights and dark days… this is a whimsical business but what we can learn from the sum of Northern Lights and the eclipses is that it evens out…