One, Two, Tree…!

One, Two, Tree…!

You find them everywhere! Young and old, slender and sturdy, short and long. Some are quite social and like to hang around together. Others are more restrictive regarding company and hold at least one arm's length space to its neighbour in an egoistic strategy to highlight their own attributes. Some are pompously dressed up in glitter during Christmas, while others are more than happy always wearing its normal “Casual Friday clothes”. Some have a rough surface and look hard and scary in their appearance while others are cute, silky and soft. Most of them smell good, others smell strange, a few smell like ... well ... I don’t know…

Engineers and entrepreneurs, economists and researchers, students & clients ... of course I’m talking about "trees" ... these 3 trillions individuals in the world (according to a report from ‘Nature’, published in September last year) that has a significant impact on our societies, whether we live in Örnsköldsvik, in Bangalore, in Barcelona or elsewhere.

We all know that trees, both as individuals and as forests, has major significance for the economy and quality of life in all parts of the world and therefore it is our obligation to take care of, cultivate and develop this renewable resource and utilize its building blocks in the best way.

In this newsletter you will meet some of MoRe Research ”building blocks”. For example Hanna Eriksson, who among others, are responsible for viscose and bleaching activities.

Further, Birgitta Lundgren and Jessica Sjöstedt will give you an insight in the Light Microscopy and Troubleshooting area.

We will also present how MoRe Research Experimental Paper Machine successfully has been used in an EU project for development of Nanocellulose water purification membranes.

Nanocellulose is small… but now… it is bigger than ever! What do I mean by that? Well… click on the right links and you will find the answer!

Springtime in Sweden! The sap in our 31 billions trees as well as our creativity is rising. New “development growth rings” is formed in "the 2016 development cambium" outside the “rings of experience” which has been built up over decades. Soon we can enjoy the cherry blossoms in the city centre of Stockholm. A wonderful time where the sun increases the temperature, making the snow to melt and our brains to thaw. “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another”!

Talking about cherry blossoms… the cherry tree is my favorite even though I have no idea how the pulp, paper or viscose properties would be if we tried to commercialize this species in our regular processes… perhaps some trees are meant to give us other types of values…

What is your favorite tree and why? If you respond to me with a picture and an explanation I will, with your permission of course, publish this on our homepage.

Looking forward hearing from you!