Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air!

Isn’t it exciting? Around the clock, the whole year round, they stand there, indefatigable and stable, producing tonne after tonne of all sorts or products. The mills, these complex systems of well-organised chaos where people and machines need to cooperate to achieve a good result. You get almost poetic when thinking about it. Maybe spring is sprung?

When reading this newsletter you will find titbits of what is on the agenda for MoRe Research at the moment. Production of viscose is nothing new, but for those of us who have been in this business less than half of our lives, the renaissance of MoRe’s viscose pilot is very exciting. This work is an excellent example of cooperation between universities and industry.

When we at MoRe work with optimization we have the overall view in all what we do. Our Hela vägen®  (All the way) approach to our work activities require constant development and an increasingly efficient way of working. We constantly strive for improvement and through our newly established cooperation with Envall Consulting we have taken yet another step in this direction. One example is that we strengthen our paper chemistry competence.

After a long winter for the industry it is encouraging to see that the production figures are getting better in several instances. This also leads to an increasing need for development and we look forward to becoming your partner in this field.

Best regards

Stefan Svensson