Super Blood MoRe Lunar Eclipse

Super Blood MoRe Lunar Eclipse

Did you see it… this unusual phenomenon that from my location on the globe was visible 4.30 am September 28? I saw it, but I have to be honest… I didn’t stay awake just to see it. Nor did I set the alarm clock or ordered a wake up call this godforsaken early hour only to see the moon but I did see it…all because I was leaving my home for a domestic business trip and I had to catch the first plane.

It was amazing! All of you that missed this occasion will have a new chance 2033 and I strongly recommend you to already now set your Outlook reminder on alert.

Dark sky, windless, a few degrees Celsius above zero, some small, weak shining stars and then this big, dark red moon as your brightest and closest companion (apart from the taxi driver)… amazing! I myself was baptized the 20th of July 1969 and if you are familiar with the last 46 years of space research I assume you are a little bit surprised that my name is not Neil (Armstrong) or Buzz (Aldrin).

I Iove the moon for several reasons: You can see it wherever you are - in Örnsköldsvik, in Bjästa, in Stockholm or in Singapore -  and as far as I know, independent of culture, we all have a positive relation to this satellite. It is a loyal companion that despite all the mistakes the humanity does, accompanies and supports us through dark times. The Moon is our common superhero and it’s our obligation to make it proud of us!

In this letter ‘Moon from MoRe’… excuse me… ‘More from MoRe’ we tell you about Lic. Raghu Deshpande who actually presented and defended his licentiate thesis focused on the first cooking step of the sodium bisulfite process for producing dissolving cellulose just a few days before the Super Blood Moon lunar eclipse. “A small step for a man but a huge step in sulfite pulping!” I am sure his work will be completed in a PhD in good time before 2033!

Further, you can read about our coming investment for maximizing the value we can get from the renewable wood resources on earth – A pilot plant for research and development in the area of nanocrystalline cellulose. I am very happy to be one of the commanders on this research ship, seeking for the values of the future!

Speaking of nano components, the first challenge in converting the wood into small building blocks for different purposes is to handle the logs in a cost effective way with respect to energy consumption and at the same time getting a suitable starting material for different value chains. In this letter you can read about a project where the chipping process stage and its effect on different processes are in focus. MoRe Research is deeply involved in this interesting project together with several respectable partners and funders. Our PhD student M.Sc. Jessica Gard Timmerfors will be your “guide to the chipping galaxy” the coming four years!

Tonight the moon is not visible but I know it is there somewhere behind the clouds.  I know it sounds a bit pompous but I hope that you might look on MoRe Research a bit like you see on the moon. We are always there, even when visibility is obscured. We are loyal and put your needs first and we always have the front side facing you as a customer. This weekend I'm going to Stockholm to see a concert with one of my favorite bands - the Irish group ‘Waterboys’ – and I am looking forward to hear them playing the song "I saw the whole of the moon".

On MoRe Research's website you can read about general things that we offer, but there is even more interesting things to explore “on the backside”! Don’t hesitate to contact me or my colleagues and let us show you “The whole of the MoRe" ...