The Christmas fairytale of an annual ring

The Christmas fairytale of an annual ring

Once upon a time, due to the collaboration of the Photosynthesis and the Shikimic Acid Path Way, a new annual ring was born. This annual ring was bigger than its siblings regarding circumference and consequently had more cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin in its matrix.

The other annual rings was a little bit jealous of this new ring, especially when they looked back to the time when they where young, being the “cambium face” towards the world and without any particular effort was continuously being fed with nutrients for growth.

However, with age comes wisdom and deep down in their minds they knew that the size of this new born annual ring is dependent on what the former generations have performed. To stand strong, a tree cannot be hollow… without a solid heart with years of experience; there will be no new sapwood generations.

The “knowledge circumference” will, and has to, increase and it follows the mathematical established geometrical formula

Knowledge circumference = 2 * p * (r+a)

where “r” is experience and confirmed knowledge and “a” is curiosity, new theoretical knowledge and youthful enthusiasm. Without “r” we are back on square one and without “a” nothing will happen.

From this fairytale we can learn that when we look at a tree, it is not only renewable raw material we see. We look on a metaphoric mirror of how our personal, social and professional development can be successful!

What happened to the annual rings mentioned above you may ask? Well, they were harvested and turned into viscose fibers, nanocellulose based materials, tissue & other paper products etc and if you want to follow its path through the value chain, please read the newsletter or visit our homepage!

I can assure you that the annual rings, and its components, lived happily ever after!

/Stefan Svensson