Vote for MoRe!

Vote for MoRe!

After a really nice and hot summer in this part of Sweden we are now preparing for the next season… the fall. This beautiful period when the air is refreshing, when you can pick berries and mushrooms in the forest, and when its time to harvest whatever you have grown.

I am, however, dealing with a huge problem. That is to take care of the apples from four trees in my garden. The problem is that all apples seem to be ready to pick in exactly the same moment and even though I eat at least ten a day, chills in apple pies, and turn my back to the apple stealing birds (they exist... I have seen them!) I can’t keep up with the maturing speed.

Several years ago I tried to use the excess for cider production according to a recipe found on the Internet. The result was about 60 liters of highly explosive liquid and I am really happy that no one got hurt from the exploding bottles. If someone out there has any suggestion how to take care of 200 kg apples in the coming week, please contact me personally.

In this newsletter you have the opportunity to make acquaintance with Curt Hägglund, our viscose specialist. Curt is telling you about his R&D career in MoDo and MoRe Research and how he is looking forward to the bigger viscose dope pilot that MoRe will invest in this fall.

Are you suffering from separation anxiety, i.e. lack of technical methods to separate out components in process streams? Well, perhaps MoRe has the solution! In this letter we are describing the pilots and equipment used for different kind of separation studies.

We also present our new FTIR-instrument, our methods for growing microorganisms in paper and board and our experience and possibilities to construct apparatus arrangements in order to solve an emergency for a customer.

In parallel with all the interesting technical challenges MoRe and other companies are dealing with for the moment, we are also in the middle of an important political period in Sweden. The 14th of September, there is the election to the Swedish parliament covering the next four year term. This means that this is the period when you every day are fed with promises from the politicians trying to outrank their opponents. Some promises will be met and some will as usual be postponed and be forgotten until the next election campaign in 2018.

When it comes to MoRe Research, my promise to you is that we will always do our best to fulfill your demands and we will never postpone anything. Our industry has many technical barriers and we are there to support you to overcome them.

Stefan Svensson, Board-elected President