Winter poem greetings to all readers

Winter poem greetings to all readers

The year is coming to an end

Snow is falling to the ground

Greetings we would like to send

Ice on every lake and pond

Swedish trees are sleeping now

Nature’s covered in white snow

In the spring - They start to grow

And to the fibre needs respond


Different fibres you may use

Employ a combine or a saw

Pine and birch as well as spruce

Maybe bamboo, grass or straw

Choose the right and be selective

We will give you new perspective

Pilot pulping – Cost effective

Right conclusions we will draw


If you in your product find

Impurities - A spot or speck

Keep our offer fresh in mind:

We will minimise you’re “trek”

Be prepared! – Says every scout

The way we works erase your doubt

Our expert team will troublesho(u)ot

And every sample quickly check


Department boss – Mr Selling

Robert is his surname though,

Interesting how he’s spelling

Swedish language – Fun you know!

In this letter you can read

“Can you do this? Yes indeed!”

Analyses you may need

“In a hurry? We’re not slow!”


In this business - Be offensive!

Just be strong and feel no fear

R&D is quite intensive

Earth is big but MoRe is near

We wish you all the very best

South and north and east and west

May you all feel good – Be blessed!

Look! – Here comes another year!


From MoRe Research we wish you all

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!