Stefan Svensson Ekman Medalist 2023


On January 30th, Stefan Svensson from RISE received the Ekman Medal 2023 at the Ekman Days 2024 organized by SPCI, the Swedish Association of Pulp and Paper Engineers. The Ekman Medal is an award for distinguished technical or scientific contributions within the association's field of work.

The medal has been awarded by the Swedish Association of Pulp and Paper Engineers since 1929 and is named in memory of Carl Daniel Ekman (1845-1904), who was the first to use the sulfite method on an industrial scale for paper pulp manufacturing.

Several individuals from RISE and MoRe Research were present during the ceremony, including Magnus Larsson, acting CEO of MoRe Research.

"It's fantastic and well-deserved that Stefan has now received the Ekman Medal. For many years, he has driven the development of tools for optimizing the industrial processes surrounding pulp production, contributing to a higher reliability of results in labs, facilitating accurate decision-making in the process industry," says Magnus Larsson.

Nomination for the Ekman Medal:

"For many years, Stefan has worked at the research laboratory, always maintaining close contacts with the industry. His area of work has included process changes leading to improved economy, quality, environment, and operability.

Significant successes were achieved through greatly improved alignment between lab results and results upon implementation in factory operations. The work area included both adjustments and newly developed processes within the field. Reliability upon implementation is of the utmost importance for the industry and development activities. The good results made Stefan a very successful promoter of improvements that could be tested in the lab and later implemented in the factories. The method was marketed under the name 'All the way,' meaning that method improvements in pulp production could be ensured in the manufacturing of the final product. After MoDo R&D was transformed into MoRe Research AB, Stefan's methods could be used with great success by pulp manufacturers worldwide. After a few years, Stefan was appointed CEO of MoRe Research AB. The significant sales successes were obviously extremely important for MoRe Research AB. Some years later, MoRe was incorporated into RISE. Stefan became the marketing manager for pulp, paper, and packaging. As former colleagues of Stefan, it is a great honor for us to nominate him for this illustrious award. We consider him extremely qualified and suitable to receive the Ekman Medal."

Ekman Days are named after Carl Daniel Ekman. The conference covers the latest developments in forest industry research and serves as an annual meeting place for researchers and others interested in the industry's research.

SPCI is an association for individuals interested in technology and networking within the forest industry. Since 1908, SPCI has worked to disseminate information and knowledge within the pulp and paper industry. The association also creates forums for sharing experiences and contacts among our members. SPCI organizes several events each year, as well as visits to mills and other companies. SPCI's activities are open to everyone.

Article in Svensk Papperstidning about Ekman Medal 2023 (in swedish)