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MoRe lectures at the Cellulose Workshop 2022


Now it's time for the 10th workshop on cellulose, regenerated cellulose and cellulose derivatives in Örnsköldsvik, November 15-16. MoRe is involved in the conference with, among other things, a seminar but also a walking tour.

Abirami Senthil new PhD student


We have a new PhD student at MoRe Research, Abriami Senthil. She will be connects to one of our research projects that deals with studying and developing wet-stable functionalized fibers from the organosolv process with the aim of replacing fossil-based materials in low-density materials, e.g. foams.

Two days of inspiration


Two days of inspiration 13 and 14 December:

Come and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the FEX paper pilot and listen to the latest on RISE and KTH. We want to meet you to remember the most important setbacks in FEX's history but also to look ahead with a focus on future events and projects within RISE and KTH.


Registration for ISO brightness test comparison


Now it's time to sign up for a test comparison for pulp ISO brghtness and PFI-refinery. The test comparison are open to all.

Claudia Quineche new PhD student in research on wood chips


Claudia Quineche has started as a doctoral student for Umeå University with Leif Jönsson as professor. Her research will be conducted at MoRE and is about resource-efficient chipping and improved impregnation of chips for forest industrial processes.