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Registration for test comparisons


Now it's time to sign up for a test comparison for mass ISO lightness as well as the PFI mill Softwood. The test comparisons are open to all.

INN-PRESSME - new major EU project in bio-based products


Faster scaling up and commercialization is the goal of new EU cooperation in bio-based products. The project includes 27 different organizations from nine European countries, including Sweden, where MoRe Research Örnsköldsvik AB and RISE Processum are represented.


New project in Örnsköldsvik: On-the-go Deposite!


Disposable items need to be more resource efficient in order for us to be able to handle the increased amount of waste that accompanies our modern lifestyle with food and drink on the go. To get a sustainable solution that involves increased source sorting in public places, RISE has started a project with Bower and Örnsköldsvik municipality.

Article published on new cellulose materials


In collaboration with KTH, MoRe Research has developed a simplified process for producing wood fibers with a high proportion of hemicellulose, so-called holocellulose. These fibers have interesting properties as they are well preserved, both chemically and mechanically, which means that they are particularly suitable for applications where high strength and stiffness are important.

Registration for test comparisons


Now it's time to sign up for a test comparison for Eucalyptus pulp in the PFI mill. The test comparison are open to all.