Testbed for sustainable foam materials


The testbed for sustainable foam materials focuses on research and technology development of low-density materials based on bioresources, by-products, and recycled materials. Here, we have gathered various expertise as well as infrastructure for scaling up, pre-treatment, and analysis.

Test and Evaluate Processes and Materials at RISE

We introduce our new testbed environment, a space where ideas and materials can evolve from the creative chaos of the laboratory workbench to a comprehensive production process for sustainable foam materials. Potential applications for such materials encompass packaging, building insulation, filter materials, and lightweight cores in sandwich constructions.

Together with our experts, you can explore the possibilities of sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to current fossil-based materials. Our experience and expertise enable us to efficiently screen potential candidate materials and formulate appropriate recipes for desired material properties.


  • Explore new raw materials. Previous projects have demonstrated the possibilities with everything from forest-based fibers to recycled textile fibers. Innovation is boundless, and we support you regardless of which raw material you want to explore.
  • Flexible Manufacturing Platform: RISE not only offers a place for the development of the manufacturing process but also the opportunity to produce sufficiently large material volumes for relevant product evaluations. We help you develop your ideas – and we realize them on a large scale together with you.
  • Versatile Functions: The Sustainable Foam Materials Testbed is an integrated production environment. From raw material pretreatment, analysis, and evaluation to continuous foam production - we cover all steps in creating your perfect sustainable material.

Through the Bioeconomy Arena, RISE has invested in a forward-thinking environment that offers many opportunities. Together, we tackle the challenge of creating a greener future through innovation and development.

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