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Call times during this summar


Here you will find contact persons at MoRe during the summer:



Research at MoRe published in Composites Science and Technology


Daniele Oliviera de Castro and Zoheb Karim, two of MoRe’s postdocs, have had an article on their research work on development of fire retardant composite materials published in No 162 of the science magazine Composites Science and Technology. The title is ”The use of a pilot-scale continuous paper process for fire retardant cellulosekaolinite nanocomposites”.

We can identifiy colophony!


Colophony (natural resin) occurs naturally in wood but is also found in other products such as cosmetics, paints, patches, etc. Since rosin allergies occur, it needs to be identified in these products and we can help you with this.

Stefans new editorial: Angles


The earth is amazing! After a winter where our snow shovelling knowledge has really been put to trial we are currently experiencing something that can be called a late spring.

MoRe in film about The High Coast


High Coast Invest has launched a film about the High Coast area. MoRe Research has the honor to participate in fine pictures of our colleague Leticia Acevedo Förrich in the lab environment. See the film.