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We can identifiy colophony!


Colophony (natural resin) occurs naturally in wood but is also found in other products such as cosmetics, paints, patches, etc. Since rosin allergies occur, it needs to be identified in these products and we can help you with this.

Stefans new editorial: Angles


The earth is amazing! After a winter where our snow shovelling knowledge has really been put to trial we are currently experiencing something that can be called a late spring.

Save the date! May 15th, 2.50 pm at Tech Connect Conference, California


May 15th, 2.50 pm! Dr Daniele Oliviera de Castro will do an oral presentation at Tech Connect Conference 2018, in California, during the section Nano & Microfibrillated Cellulose Production.

The title: "The Scale up: Towards Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC)/clay films produced by paper making".

Application deadline: April 30th! Eucalyptus: Comparative quality control for the PFI refiner


Eucalyptus: Comparative quality control for the PFI refiner!

MoRe and PFI Instruments starts a requested comparative quality control for eucalyptus in the PFI refiner. By participating and comparing own results with results from other companies’ PFI refiners, one will know how well the own refiner is calibrated. The results can also be used as a complement to traceable calibration when your laboratory applies for accrediting or certification. It is now possible to enter your laboratory for the quality control.

MoRe in film about High Coast


High Coast Invest has launched a film about the High Coast area. MoRe Research has the honor to participate in fine pictures of our colleague Leticia Acevedo Förrich in the lab environment. See the film.