MoRe Research together with PFI Instruments are starting new comparative quality control for the PFI refiner

During this autumn MoRe and PFI Instruments starts a requested comparative quality control for the PFI refiner. By participating and comparing own results with results from other companies’ PFI refiners, one will know how well the own refiner is calibrated. The results can also be used as a complement to traceable calibration when your laboratory applies for accrediting or certification.

Read Stefan’s summer greetings ”Speaking words of wisdom - Let it Bee…”

We all know that an airport can be a quite noisy place especially during rush hours. Well… that is nothing compared to what I experience for the moment, sitting here and observing the flying insects in the airspace just above my vegetable and flower garden. Honeybees, bumblebees and unidentified flying objects are competing in order to get an assigned slot time and a clear “nectar and pollen rich” runway.

Post docs from MoRe spoke at TAPPI Nano 2017 conference in Montreal

Daniele Oliveira de Castro and Zoheb Karim, two postdoctoral researchers working on nanocellulose projects at MoRe Research, were invited to present their projects at TAPPI’s International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials 2017. It was held 5 – 8 June in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The conference had more than 300 attendees from all over the world.

Staffan - chemical recovery and environmental investigations specialist

After doing his master thesis for Husum, Staffan Magnusson graduated from KTH Royal Institue of Technology with a specialisation into paper and pulp 1992. The next year he started working at MoDo R&D in Örnsköldsvik where he has dealt a lot with development issues and investigations of chemical recovery and environmental issues. He is also the only one at MoRe Research who has played football against the famous football player Tomas Brolin!