Call times during this summar

Here you will find contact persons at MoRe during the summer:



Research at MoRe published in Composites Science and Technology

Daniele Oliviera de Castro and Zoheb Karim, two of MoRe’s postdocs, have had an article on their research work on development of fire retardant composite materials published in No 162 of the science magazine Composites Science and Technology. The title is ”The use of a pilot-scale continuous paper process for fire retardant cellulosekaolinite nanocomposites”.

Tough steaming can lower tearing resistance

The steaming process of chips is necessary for continuous cooking and is also used frequently during batch cooking. A couple of years ago MoRe discovered a connection between low tearing resistance and a tough steaming process. The reason for this relation was that a too tough steaming process, in combination with high pressure against the bottom of the steaming vessel, could cause fibre ruptures. In order to be able to investigate this phenomenon in pilot scale, a unique testing device was developed.

Pia Renström: Contact for comparative quality control of the PFI refiner

Pia Renström is responsible for the ECF bleached long fibre pulp and eucalyptus comparative quality control for comparative PFI refiner quality control. This is why she finds participation in these tests an advantage:

”Since many years the PFI refiner is standard equipment for realistic refining trials such as testing beatability of different pulps. But as for all laboratory and pilot equipment it is important to know that you can trust the results. Participation in these round robins is important as the participants get to know how well the results match”.