Monitoring of crayfish and large freshwater clams using water samples

AquaBiota now offers monitoring of crayfish and large freshwater clams using eDNA. A few liters of water from a lake is enough to detect the presence of the critically endangered noble crayfish or the introduced signal crayfish.

Dr Hans Grundberg at Lignofuels 2019, Oslo

13-14 February Hans Grundberg goes to Lignofuels 2019 in Oslo Norway. An interesting conference where commercialization and upscaling will be discussed together with Preem and Renfuel and others. Come and mingle with him!

Dr Raghu Deshpande at Ekmandagarna 2019

During Ekmandagarna 2019, January 30, Dr Raghu Deshpande will present his interesting research entitled: Lignin carbohydrate complexes (LCC) studies during different pulping processes. Come and listen!

Metabarcoding of fish communities in Pite river

AquaBiota have analysed fish communities, including salmon, with eDNA and metabarcoding at ten locations. Salmon (Salmo salar) is an important fish species from a commercial as well as an ecological perspective. In several locations around the world, large efforts have been made to restore salmon habitats that have been damaged or destroyed due to human activities. The survey done by AquaBiota aims to assess the efficiency of measures taken as part of restoration efforts made in the Pite Älv river system.

Save the date! 20 March 2019 Workshop about PFI Mill

Welcome to a Workshop about PFI Mill on 20 March in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. Christian Aarefjord, PFI Instruments and MoRe Research arranges a day for users of the PFI Mill. We have a lot to talk about so come and join us! Sources of errors, controls, water quality and much more will be discussed.

A Round Robin for fibre analysers will start

Reliable measurements of fibre properties are crucial to achieve consistent pulp quality with expected properties. That is why there is an interest in being able to compare own fibre measurement results with others’ as well as seeing stability over time. More Research will therefore during January next year start a Round Robin where measurement results from participating users’ fibre analyser results of fibre length and shives are compared and presented.

Grayling and European chub found on the northern Baltic coast

In May 2018, AquaBiota carried out inventories of coastal fish communities along the northern Baltic coast with the help of eDNA. A total of 27 fish species were detected, which reflected the coastal non-pelagic fish fauna. Grayling was detected at a station and European chub in another. European chub are very rarely occurring that far north of Sweden and has not been found in the County since 1929.