29 May, Save the date! Tove Samuelsson in IMPC 2018 i Trondheim

Come and listen to Tove Samuelssons presentation at IMPC 2018 in Trondheim, 29 May 14.00-14.30.  "Development of very strong and water resistant packaging materials from high yield pulps – fundamental aspects".

Save the date! Tommy Nordin at IMPC Trondheim, 30 May

30 May 10.30-11.00! Listen to Tommy Nordins very intereseting presentation at IMPC 2018 in Trondheim. The title are: “Industrially relevant in-site production of high yield pulp based nanocellulose materials optimized to improve strength in packing and printing papers”.

We can identifiy colophony!

Colophony (natural resin) occurs naturally in wood but is also found in other products such as cosmetics, paints, patches, etc. Since rosin allergies occur, it needs to be identified in these products and we can help you with this.

MoRe in film about High Coast

High Coast Invest has launched a film about the High Coast area. MoRe Research has the honor to participate in fine pictures of our colleague Leticia Acevedo Förrich in the lab environment. See the film.