Pilot digester

A unique pilot digester laboratory

This unique and flexible pilot digester laboratory has almost no limits as to the projects which can be carried out, be that pulp cooking or bio refinery studies. Simulations of sulphite and sulphate cooking can be carried out and the results can easily be transferred to the customers' processes.

Wood chips from different wood species and in different sizes can be cooked at the same time in the same digester and with the same conditions and still be separated. The conditions can be varied, e.g. time, temperature, displacement of cooking liquids, cooking liquid amounts and cooking methods. During the cooking, cooking liquids can be withdrawn as well as added. Both batch and continuous cooking can be simulated.

The digester laboratory consists of one digester and nine accumulators for cooking liquids. 10 kg of wood chips can be added, which gives a sufficient amount of pulp for further process steps, such as bleaching and paper production.

More information can be obtained from Mats Westin, +4670-354 09 44, E-mail