Pilot scale tissue

Pilot manufactures

MoRe's experimental paper machine, XPM, can produce paper in grammages between 15 and 300 g/m2. As it is equipped with a Yankee cylinder it can also very easily be used for pilot scale production of tissue.

XPM is completely equipped for stock preparation with a grinder, four machine chests and possibilities to add different stock chemicals. This means that it is extremely suitable for cost efficient studies of different kinds of fibres, fibre mixtures, grinding strategies and stock additives for tissue. It has a crêping doctor blade and can thus also produce crêping tissue. The data received during trials can be transferred to full scale tissue machines.

For tissue products it is important to be able to measure adhesion forces between paper and Yankee cylinder, which is done on-line on the XPM. This gives important information on different pulps' usability for tissue products. Additives to improve release and adhesion characteristics between paper and Yankee cylinder can be added to the stock.

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