All the way (Hela vägen®)

The heart of MoRe Research's methodology

Our concept, Hela vägen® has been at the heart of MoRe Research's methodology for many years where all process steps, from wood to end product, can be studied and optimised. Hela vägen® is a holistic intellectual approach with an understanding of how all process steps affect each other and the end product. The methodology keeps cost efficiency and the end product quality always in focus. 

Hela vägen® brings the expertise, methods, testing equipment and laboratory resources at MoRe Research together and concentrates on a cost-effective, high-quality end product. This provides unique opportunities to implement rapid and economical optimisation measures in the process. Whether an entire production line or just a single process step is studied, we have the knowledge and the understanding to manage the whole process. 

We have pilot machines and laboratory resources covering the whole process from raw wood to end product. In our pilot tests realistic studies can be performed and mill trials designed in an economical and technically productive way. The pilot machines are the same scale as each other, supporting the Hela vägen® approach without bottlenecks, and all resources are located at the same premises. This makes it possible to produce the appropriate quantities of paper and pulp from the selected wood species at one time and in one place, optimising the process and enhancing the opportunities for study.  

You are welcome to download our brochure Hela vägen® (All the way). Hela vägen (All the way) 

Exemple of All the way (Hela vägen) projects:

All the way from straw, bamboo and grass

Go from tree to fibre.  

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