Performance Index

Performance Index

By evaluating different process equipment and process steps according to the MoRe Research Performance index method, and compare the values with corresponding references in MoRe's data bank, it is possible to see how your line is performing and what can be improved. Many customers use this tool as it is an effective way to improve the efficiency of their processes. For cost efficient process optimisation it is necessary to be able to separate the effects of raw material, chemistry and process equipment!

Performance index can be evaluated for a wide number of characteristics that are possible to analyse.

Evaluations of digesters and oxygen delignification - single and double stages - are the most common ones.

As regards bleaching the varieties are many more and the comparison can be done for a specific bleaching stage or for the whole bleaching plant. Chemical costs are usually studied as well as the important pulp characteristics.

  • We collect samples at the mill from the process stage in question, both from the incoming and outgoing streams.
  • All samples are analysed by MoRe, giving us basic data.
  • Samples from incoming streams, e.g. chips, pulp and different liquids, are used in pilot trials at the laboratory.
  • Chemical and physical tests are done after the trial runs.
  • By comparing the analysis value of the sample from the mill with that from the pilot trial we get the Performance index for the chosen characteristics, for instance tear index.
  • We can pick up anonymous values from corresponding process steps from our data bank for comparison with the customer's values.

We can answer questions such as:

  • How shall the digester and oxygen delignification be optimised in order to reach the best possible characteristics for the pulp at the right cost?
  • How far can the oxygen delignification be driven?
  • Which are the consequences when changing from washing filter to wash press? Sometimes a small investment in a pump or a filter drifter increases production which means a different way of running and hence changed product characteristics.

This is where Performance index is a good method to easily decide, without disturbing production, how to run in the best way.

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