Chemical recovery

Chemical recovery

MoRe Research has extensive experience in recovery related issues and works together with mills to minimise the effects of non-process elements (NPEs). The sodium/sulphur balance and minimising NOx emissions are other important areas in which MoRe Research is actively involved in optimisation work.

Examples of areas where MoRe has competence and experience are:
-Sulfur/sodium balances in the recovery cycle.
-Investigations of NOx problems around the soda boiler eg in connection with environmental permit applications.
-The consequences of incorporating biosludge into the recovery and follow-up of the outcome.
-Calculate chemical balances in connection with investment projects and fiber optic optimizations.
-Calculations and factory attempts in connection with higher end of pulp lines.

We can also help you with:

Environmental studies

Biological treatment of industrial effluents

Lignin and lignosulfonate

Organic acids

We have our own method for Green liqour sludge

Molecule weight distribution - also on hemicellulose

The total content of oxalate and the share of free oxalate ions.

Trouble shooting


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