MoRe has a well-equipped toolbox for manufacturers of packaging materials. Here you will find tools in the form of pilot equipment from stock to cardboard layers as well as comprehensive analysis equipment and methods. At a time when packaging materials show a positive trend, interest in investments in the packaging area grows.

With us, manufacturers of cardboard as well as raw materials and kraft paper for packaging purposes can get comprehensive help, both in the case of different product and process development projects and in problem solving. Saving fiber in the packaging material with retained properties, such as thickness and driveability, is high on the agenda today and there we have many tools in the box to pick up.

Paperboard is made up of several layers with different stock composition. In our dynamic sheet form, Formette, paperboard with several layers can be built up by current mails. This makes the Formette useful for a wide range of product development studies, testing of new stock chemicals, fillers, fiber mixtures, etc. For example, in the experimental paper machine, XPM, the surface layers in a paperboard quality can be optimized, especially when the machine is equipped with a yankee cylinder.

Sometimes packaging is exposed to very varied climates and may then deteriorate. Packaging materials can therefore be tested at MoRe in our climate chamber, where we can study phenomena such as curl and other temperature and moisture sensitive properties with the help of different measurement techniques. The way to drive the paper or paperboard machine has a major influence on curling qualities, which can therefore vary across the track. By taking samples in different positions across the customer, we can determine the curl profile by measuring the samples in the climate

Why do the folds cracks?

We can evaluate the aging resistance of your product.

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